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Holistic branding and content repurposing for holistic brands
Hey SIS,
I'm Brittany, your number one cheerleader & creative virtual assistant for Christian businesses!!
Has your branding been on the back-burner? 
Your social platforms & website are all set up, but...it's missing something?
Is the logo you bought on Etsy looking a little similar to those popping up on your suggested feed? 
I can help you with that by building a brand that is uniquely yours! 
So much valuable information to share, not enough time...?
Maybe feeling a little lost on what your target audience will connect with.
 Perhaps you're just afraid to pitch your offer in fear of sounding...salesy!
Don't worry about those things...you be you & I'll share the content in a way that is authentically you, so you can save time & nurture those warm leads.

authentic branding
done-for-you content 
polished, streamlined socials that build trust
Listen, I know how important it is as a faith-based entrepreneur to be humble & share exactly what the Holy Spirit puts on your heart to share!
But, you were made for such a time as this!!
You have to be present on social media to build trust these days, and repurposing is perfect for delegating your content marketing tasks to keep it authentic to you. 
We can not only keep your content authentic to you, but in the voice and sentiment that the Holy Spirit shared it with you. Delivery of the message is important because some people will accept it and some won’t. It’s important that it resonates with who it’s supposed to!

Branding is more than just picking your favorite colors & creating a logo. If you want to attract the RIGHT clients and truly stand out, your visual identity must be built on a solid brand strategy. 
You've worked really hard on your mission, messaging, & client experience - 
Now, imagine having a swoon-worthy social media feed & website that makes you feel legit & stops your ideal clients scroll!
Building a brand is right for you if:
1. You are ready to invest in your businesses growth & journey
2. You're ready to take your client experience to the next level
3. You want to stand out in a saturated market

Rebranding is right for you if:
1. Your brand strategy has changed 
2.  You aren't reaching your dream clients anymore 
3. You look at your social media or website & it feels...inconsistent or "blah"
This process will help you evaluate where you started, where you are now, & where you want to go. You will have a clear direction & a beautiful brand to help you get there.
I know you have heard "people buy from people they trust." We will create a visual brand that aligns with your brand values, personality, & messaging to attract your people.
Your brand story makes you relatable & inspiring. We will give you the visual tools to tell your brand story in a cohesive & memorable way. ​​​​​​​
Content repurposing is simply taking one brilliant piece of content & multiplying it! 
What if you could upload one video or podcast per week, and it magically turned into ten pieces of branded content ready to post?! 
Well, there is a service for that and that is what I do! Your on brand, cohesive social media graphics and marketing materials will be done for you each week! 
Time is valuable, and running a business or ministry takes a lot of it. You will have more time for the things that bring you joy when you allow someone to help you help people.
When you have nothing left at the end of the day, no one wins. Whether you enjoy the creative stuff or not, your expertise is in teaching, counseling, sales, and coaching. Let's help you focus on that!
The more time you spend with people, the better the relationship. When you aren't wearing all of the hats, you can be more intentional & nurture your audience for better engagement. 
I’m so thankful to have met Brittany at exactly the right time. She did the branding on two different projects of mine, and did an amazing job on each of them. Not only that, but it was a joy and pleasure to work with her, and she made the entire project pure fun! I love the finished product, and am happy to recommend her to anybody needing a new brand, or help with your social media marketing!"
Mary Jo Wehniainen
Founder, Success with GOD International
"Brittany helped me discover creative ways to put my thoughts into graphics for social media. She was able to understand my desire to be simple, yet effective in creating content that presented and conveyed my personality and faith in a personal way. She has such a sweet soul and is passionate about helping people. I’m very thankful to have partnered with her and her God-given gifts!"

- Jacquelyn Boyd
Founder, Ignited Freedom
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