Are you tired of pushing out more and more...and more content? 
Publishing any ol' content because you feel pressured to keep up with the algorithm... 
Content needs to be intentional & consistent. That's it. 
You can use your energy on more important tasks when you have a content manager to dissect &      use every last bit of the creative content you have already generated!
The packages below have a lot to offer, but focus mostly on done-for-you,     long-form content. If your specialty is already long-form content, let's talk about a custom package
American Pharaoh Package
**up to 35 minutes of  audio**
4 SEO-friendly blog posts
4 email newsletters 
12 correlating Pinterest Pins​​​​​​​
800 USD/mo
3 month commitment​​​​​​​
This package is for the entrepreneur who needs to save a little time & wants to take their content marketing up a notch!
Start with a mini package today!!

Man O' War Package
Repurposing + Podcast Management
**up to 45 minutes of raw audio**
4 SEO-friendly blog posts
4 email newsletters to promote your episodes upon release
4 correlating social media graphics and captions​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
This package is for the podcaster who is scaling their business & wants a content marketing strategy. 
Start saving time & mental energy now!

Podcast Management​​​​​​​
Professional audio editing to reduce background noise, remove mistakes, awkward pauses & filler words
Professional post-production which includes mixing of the intro, outro & music – plus mastering audio
Streamlining the episodes to create a clear listening experience
As well as uploading & scheduling show notes (plus embedding podcast player) to your website
​​​​​1820 USD/month
3 month commitment
Optimizing SEO from the backend (metadata/ID3 tagging)
Uploading & scheduling episodes with episode descriptions to hosting platforms
Producer available for recordings to ensure technical setup, guest connection & audio check as needed or upon request
Writing bulleted show notes including SEO & relevant hyperlinks
Creating 1 story/feed sized audiogram per episode​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Podcast management in Trello
need Podcast management only, go to
Secretariat Package
*6-12 months of content*
6 SEO optimized blog posts
6 email newsletters 
12 correlating Pinterest Pins
12 correlating social media captions
4 correlating social media graphics
1375 USD
This is for the entrepreneur who is ready to get really intentional with their marketing strategy.
You no longer have time for any social media marketing & need to delegate this part of your business 'almost' entirely.
You've reached a milestone in your business where you no longer have the bandwidth to do all the things & it is a wonderful place to be!
It's time to start doing the things in your business that you enjoy! Take back your time for ministry, hobbies, family...
It's the season of harvest!  ​​​​​​​
Bellmont Package
Course material, voice notes, social media captions, FB lives, podcast interviews, etc.
 repurposed into:
24 email newsletters
599 USD
Breeder's Cup Package
Course material, voice notes, brain dumps, testimonials, brand foundations, discovery calls, etc.
 repurposed into:
Website Copy
350 USD/page
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