Hey friends! I'm here to help you with your content strategy & visual marketing needs! 
Hey y’all! A little about me:
I genuinely care about serving you, so that you can FULLY utilize the gifts that God’s given you. 
I left the corporate 9-5 world 2 years ago, and I never looked back. 
I took the highly renowned, 'Bucketlist Bombshells,' design skills course, and 'The Content Powerhouse Academy' taught by Emma Wolno, the content powerhouse herself!
I have a background in customer service, an Associates in Arts & Science, & I'm a licensed massage therapist. To say that I'm multi-passionate would be an understatement.
When we work together: 
We will build authority through fearless, strategic branding with the visual identity to match.
Then, we will take all of your original content and create recognition through a polished, content marketing system.
You can say “see ya later, alligator” to the time-sucking tasks and “hello beautiful” to {your perfectly branded content bank} &  {your unique-to–you brand}

Stand out in a sea of beautiful entrepreneurs changing the world by
Creating brand recognition
Establishing trust & credibility
Building authority
Why Southern Savvy Creative?
First, I want to say that I love the friendship & team work dynamic there is in the entrepreneurial world! We are all serving an important & unique purpose in the business world & the world itself!
When you work with me; we are a team! We collaborate on projects to make sure you are getting the most of your investment & you are 1,000% satisfied!  
When you find someone who genuinely cares about the success of your business, you keep them! Your passion becomes my passion when we work together!
I get to know your business & industry through analytical research. I pay close attention to detail & offer my honest, professional opinion when necessary.
When passion meets creativity you can almost guarantee a project isn't finished until it's perfect! 
Being an empath has it's disadvantages, but I agree with those that call it a superpower instead!
Your business is your baby & I understand that!
Your hard work, passion, & visions are equally important to me! I work extremely hard to create content you can be proud of! 
I proudly proclaim that I'm from Kentucky, the "kindest state" in the U.S.  I'm originally from the heart of the mountains, but now live in the gorgeous horse capital of the world (also 15 minutes from the city)! I value southern hospitality, charm...
 everything sweet about being southern!
 I am a wife, Mom (& bonus Mom) to 5 kids! 
I have 2 dogs, a cat & a bearded dragon!
Outdoors is where I feel most alive!
One of my favorite things to do is get lost on country roads with my windows down & my music loud!
Most importantly I love Jesus!!
I so look forward to working with you!
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